CMF/CJA - Evaluation Consultant for Credit Enhancement Facility Electronic System

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CMF/CJA - Evaluation Consultant for Credit Enhancement Facility Electronic System


Background of this search: The Bank prepared and approved an investment loan, Credit Enhancement Programme for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) (JA-L1075) in June 2017, which has been contributing to the increase in productivity of MSME in Jamaica by facilitating access to medium- and long-term credit for investment projects. Under a single component, resources from the programme is being used to complement the capital of the Credit Enhancement Fund (CEF), an existing guarantee mechanism administered by the Development Bank of Jamaica (DBJ). Under the CEF, partial credit guarantees are issued to eligible MSME through Approved Financial Institutions (AFI) to supplement the unmet collateral needs for eligible loans.


During the preparation of JA-L1075, the Bank identified weaknesses in DBJ’s internal control and limited capacity to handle a larger scale of transactions due to the manual processing of guarantees and a database housed and managed in excel. This was stated as a risk. Since JA-L1075 is expected to scale-up the volume of transactions, the Bank believed that the DBJ would greatly benefit from an automated workflow, database management and reporting system to maximize efficiency and safeguard internal controls. By facilitating the automation and digitalization of these processes, as well as improvement of promotional competencies and greater coordination with relevant players, the Bank designed and approve Technical Cooperation (TC) with number JA-T1142 in October 2017 to enhance the DBJ’s technical capacity to administer the CEF.


The TC consists of the following four activities:


  • Activity 1: Strengthening DBJ’s capacity to support the Jamaican private sector growth via the digitalization of the CEF guarantees management processes – CEF workflow. The objective of this activity is to improve the processes related to the CEF by converting current manual processes to digital processes, thus improving DBJ’s internal controls, security and efficiency.
  • Activity 2: Strengthening DBJ’s internal controls through the digitalization of the CEF financial management processes – Financial management interface. The objective of this activity is to improve DBJ’s internal controls by linking the data generated from the digital workflow of the CEF to its financial management function. For this activity the TC funded the: (i) assessment of the interface of the CEF workflow described in Activity 1 with the accounting system currently used by DBJ (Great Plains), with the objective of streamlining the CEF financial management and automating the reporting function; (ii) design of the interface in coordination with DBJ; (iii) development and implementation of the interface; and (iv) development of an operations manual and training for the DBJ team. By strengthening and securing the CEF internal processes, this activity allowed a global improvement of the DBJ financial products management capacity.
  • Activity 3: Strengthening DBJ’s institutional, innovation and product development capacities through the digitalization of the CEF management information systems (MIS) – MIS module. The objective of this activity is to strengthen DBJ’s decision-making capabilities through the creation of a management information system for the CEF, based on the data generated by the workflow and the financial interface. Further, an improved CEF management information system will generate information necessary to better measure the impact of its products, as well as monitor, evaluate, and continuously improve the program over time. For this activity the TC funded the: (i) assessment of the management information systems to manage critical data and generate reports that will be the inputs for decision making and monitoring and evaluation of the CEF; (ii) design of an information module and reports; (iii) development and implementation of the module; and (iv) development of an operations manual and train the DBJ team. During the system design phase, end-user involvement will be key to maximize suitability for and compatibility with business needs and agility to react to changes in law/practice. Once the system was designed, an operations manual was developed and training provided to ensure compliance and increase usage.
  • Activity 4: strengthening DBJ’s capacity to apply the good practices and lessons learned in the CEF to other DBJ products – Dissemination and sustainability. The objective of this activity is to use the work undertaken in this TC to enhance the CEF’s capacity to manage a higher volume of operations more securely, with increased efficiency and with better quality of management information systems. More broadly, however, the good practices developed and lessons learned through this TC may contribute to improving DBJ’s overall internal capacity, which will positively impact other DBJ products and processes. For this activity the TC will fund the: (i) collection and assessment of the outputs and results of the technical cooperation; (ii) dissemination of the good practices and lessons learned in a report; (iii) identification of and proposal for other opportunities to streamline processes within the DBJ; and (iv) monitoring and evaluation activities to ensure that the impact of TC is maximized and measured. This will help maximize the TC’s contribution to the wider sustainability of the CEF and the DBJ as a whole. A copy of these findings will be shared with the INS Technical Secretariat and the Fund will be properly acknowledged in any knowledge products developed.


What you’ll do: The Consultant will be required to conduct a comprehensive final evaluation of the Technical Cooperation in accordance with activity 4 above. The review will verify the general progress made in project execution, specifically:

  • Review the TC document and all other relevant project documents.
  • Evaluate the level of progress in attaining the objectives of the TC.
  • Evaluate the degree of effectiveness of the system that was developed to manage the CEF including the internal controls at the DBJ and the IDB’s monitoring and supervision system.
  • Evaluate the performance of the system implemented with the use of the TC resources.
  • Highlight weaknesses in inputs, design, management and relevant processes.
  • Collect and assess the outputs and results of the technical cooperation.
  • Identify and propose other opportunities to streamline processes within the DBJ.
  • Measure the impact of the TC and make recommendations for future system similar in scope.


It is expected that the Consultant will be responsible for:

  • Coordinating, designing and implementing all activities related to the conduct of the final evaluation.
  • Collaborating with the project teams from the DBJ and IDB to evaluate the design and implementation of the TC.


Deliverables and Payments timeline:


  • The consultant will provide a written Final Evaluation Report on the effectiveness of the system that was implemenetd via the TC. Recommendations if deemed necessary should also be made to improve project execution in future projects of a similar nature.


The Consultant will be paid upon receipt of the following key deliverables:

  • Draft Evaluation Report – 40%.
  • Final Evaluation Report Review – 60%.

What you’ll need:

  • Citizenship: You are a citizen of one of our 48-member countries.
  • Consanguinity: You have no family members (up to fourth degree of consanguinity and second degree of affinity, including spouse) working at the IDB Group.
  • Education: Postgraduate degree in Finance, Business, Banking or other relevant area in the Social Sciences, Master’s preferrable 5 years related experience.
  • Experience: The consultant should possess the following:
    • Specific: Experience in conducting similar evaluation of financial systems in at least 2 prior cases.
    • General:
    • Experience in monitoring and evaluation of at least 3 prior (donor funded) operations.
    • Excellent understanding of qualitative and quantitative data collection and analysis protocol.
    • Previous experience working with IDB and/or IDB funded projects would be a plus.
    • Knowledge of programming language, web design or development of systems would be a plus.
  • Languages: Fluency in written and spoken English is required.


Opportunity Summary: 


  • Type of contract and modality: Products and External Services Consultant, Lump Sum.
  • Length of contract: 2 months
  • Starting date: March 2021
  • Location: Place of resident.
  • Responsible person: Financial Markets Senior Specialist IFD/CMF.
  • Requirements: You must be a citizen of one of the IDB’s 48 member countries and have no family members currently working at the IDB Group.  


Our culture: Our people are committed and passionate about improving lives in Latin-America and the Caribbean, and they get to do what they love in a diverse, collaborative and stimulating work environment. We are the first Latin American and Caribbean development institution to be awarded the EDGE certification, recognizing our strong commitment to gender equality. As an employee you can be part of internal resource groups that connect our diverse community around common interests.


Because we are committed to providing equal opportunities in employment, we embrace all diversity and encourage women, LGBTQ+, persons with disabilities, afro-descendants, and indigenous people to apply.


About us: At the IDB, we’re committed to improving lives. Since 1959, we’ve been a leading source of long-term financing for economic, social, and institutional development in Latin America and the Caribbean. We do more than lending though. We partner with our 48-member countries to provide Latin America and the Caribbean with cutting-edge research about relevant development issues, policy advice to inform their decisions, and technical assistance to improve on the planning and execution of projects. For this, we need people who not only have the right skills, but also are passionate about improving lives.


Our team in Human Resources carefully reviews all applications.


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